LI-JO Teks DOO Vratnica is company for production, merchandise and services in the field of textile industry. It is founded in 2002, as new firm, and it is one of the most successful companies in the Republic of Macedonia.

With pleasure we can emphasize that the ten-year plan that was made when LI-JO Teks was founded is fully realized, and from then on we carry on with even stronger tempo.


In 2010 LI-JO Teks expanded its production into another manufacturing plant, located in the building of the textile factory EDTKO in Tetovo. With this expansion, the production capacity of LI-JO Teks has doubled.

Many challenges and pleadings are expecting us in the future, but we are aware that we have to enjoy the success, because our success is success for everyone. Therefore our slogan is:


Be ahead of the time, cooperate with us to make your future better.