The company for production, merchandise and services LI-JO TEKS DOO Vratnica is founded in May 2002 and it is engaged with production and sale of textile products.

LI-JO TEKS is working Lohn system for companies from Macedonia and outside. We have contracts for collaboration with many European from: Germany, Netherlands, England, Sweden, but also we cooperate with companies from the USA.
We are involved in businesses: production and sale textile products.

Besides working Lohn system, we also produce line of our products for the local and foreign markets. Significant part of our product pallet involves high quality production of: blazers, coats, women’s clothing and HTZ equipment.


The products of LI-JO TEKS are presented on many fairs in the Republic of Macedonia, and for near future we are planning to participate on international fairs.


In 2010 LI-JO Teks expanded its production into another manufacturing plant, located in the building of the textile factory EDTKO in Tetovo. With this expansion, the production capacity of LI-JO Teks has doubled.


As we are expanding our business, we agreed to merge with the company FANDY from Tetovo and became one of the larger textile industries in the contry, with more than 100 employees.


Each day we become more and more recognized at the European market.